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Exceptional quality

Our international tree nursery has 105 hectares of farmland where all plants and trees are lovingly cared for, pruned, uprooted and replanted daily. Regular replanting results in a compact root ball of fine roots. The soil is inspected several times a year by experienced crop supervisors. By analysing the soil thoroughly and regularly, we can work proactively and know exactly what there is too much or too little of in the soil. We use this information to provide the soil with the right trace elements, nutrients and minerals. Soil optimisation is carried out by the plot and plant group. This results in strong, high-quality plants that are less susceptible to disease. The crops are also watered 7/7 if necessary.

Transport en service

Transport & service

We offer fast delivery across all of Europe, thanks to an efficient approach, streamlined administration and professional team. Of course, we also offer the possibility to pick up your order from us directly. Thanks to our experience and professional knowledge, we can arrange the best possible transport, also in exceptional situations such as extreme heat or cold.

We take the necessary time to prepare for transport and provide our plants with extra care, such as extra water before delivery and a windproof tarp. During the summer, the plants are also sprayed with an anti-evaporation compound to help them maintain moisture as much as possible during transport.

Plant selection

On request, the end customer can personally select the plants or trees desired at our nursery together with a landscape designer or architect. We tour the grounds by jeep and provide the necessary advice and guidance. No need to worry about mud, since we provide rubber boots and warm socks.

Made your choice? Your name is then attached to the tree or plant and preparations made for pick-up and/or delivery. We process your order with the utmost care. The combination of knowledge, tradition and an efficient organisation guarantees perfect service and excellent quality plants.

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